Dear Vivo friends and family,

Just three weeks ago, it was with great sadness that I had to announce the bankruptcy of Vivo, after 20 years that far exceeded our original dreams.

In these very tumultuous times of confusion and despair, I had tried my very best to secure the future of the studio.

I was incredibly touched by hundreds of beautiful messages from friends, many of whom are the world's leading coaches, organizers and staff, both past and present.

Since that sad and dramatic day, after much communication,  encouragement and great assurance, I am truly delighted to say that Vivo now has a major investor on board.

I humbly announce that Vivo is back!! 

In time,  I am certain that the studio will be stronger than ever before!

Going forward, the future looks extremely bright. 

Most encouragingly, Vivo will be strengthened by a very strong legal team, a very strong financial base and perhaps, even more importantly, a fabulous structure of technology to take us to the next 20 years.

No doubt, there will be many exciting developments from Vivo in the future.

Vivo Management


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