Dear Vivo family,

It is with enormous sadness, after twenty fabulous years, that I must announce the bankruptcy of Vivo Dancesport Center.

On New Year's Eve, we celebrated our 20th Anniversary, with fabulous performances by our extraordinary staff.

In February, we had one our most successful Vivo Team Matches ever and became second Top Studio and the winners of the coveted, "Studio of Excellence" award at the CA Open.

Everything looked great, for another incredible year.

Then, as we all know, there was Covid-19 and all of the government restrictions that followed.

Other than a nuclear holocaust or worldwide tragedy, could anything have hit the Ballroom Dancing Industry harder?

From our enforced "lockdown", until now, I have exhausted every possible way to get through this Pandemic.

From our enforced "lockdown", until now, I have ensured that my staff, of over 20 teachers and receptionists, had money to survive and pay for all of their basic needs.

Vivo was "Home Of Champions!"; it was a family!

Other studios, all over the USA, were jealous of our family and with good cause! We had an amazing group of students that loved the very highest level of Ballroom Dancing on offer. and our teachers were impressed by your desire and devotion to our lovely artistic sport.

Through the last eight months, I am very grateful to those students who offered practical help, solid advice and also financial help or food to my staff too! 

I will not forget!

Humanity and being a decent human being, comes before money.

My only consolation at this stage is that there is someone bold enough, brave enough and devoted to our beloved Ballroom Dance enough, to try to continue a dance studio in the facility. Furthermore, with the intention to make it even better and most importantly, keep my fabulous staff and employees in their jobs.

My loyal students and staff deserve everything good that comes their way!

I wish the new owner and all students, God's richest blessings and another 20 fabulous dancing years, under the new business.



Vivo Dancesport Center | 17130 Colima Road, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 | Tel: (626) 965-6770 | E-mail: vivofrontdesk@yahoo.com