Vivo News!

Since we closed the doors for the pandemic, we have continued to have our daily cleaning company help to maintain an even cleaner environment for your benefit. As there were no trash cans to empty, soap and paper towels to replace, they have had extra time to clean every inch of the studio!

As we are getting close to reopening the studio, we have been consulting and creating a clear set of guidelines and will be posting them here and in the studio in the very near future.

Also, there will be a few rule and schedule changes to ensure the safety and well being for students and teachers alike.

Although we have been "Home of Champions!" for many years, in the next few months, there will be some truly fantastic upgrades to make us what I believe will be the most extraordinary and exciting dance studio on the planet!

Our teachers are extremely excited and we know that you will also be excited to get back to doing what we all love!

It is often quoted that Ballroom Dancing improves our posture, our circulation, our fitness and cholesterol levels, but is there anything more mentally and emotionally rewarding than dancing in perfect harmony with beautiful music?

We truly love what we do and with the appropriate measures, we look forward to seeing you all very soon!


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